18th TFOIC


18th Trade Fair of the OIC Member States (18th TFOIC)

29 November – 1 December 2024, Lahore – Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Within the framework of the of the resolutions adopted by the 39th Ministerial Session of the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the OIC Member States (COMCEC ) , held in December 2023 in Istanbul – Republic of Türkiye, and the 15th Session of the Islamic Summit Conference held in May 2024 in Banjul – Republic of The Gambia, the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade (ICDT) will organize in collaboration with the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) under the aegis of the Ministry of commerce of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan , the 18th Trade Fair of the OIC Member States (18th TFOIC), from 29th November to 1st December 2024 at the Expo Centre in Lahore.


ICDT and TDAP have set themselves very ambitious objectives within the framework of the organization of the 18th edition of the Trade Fair of Islamic Countries from 29th November to 01 December 2024. For the organizers, this essentially involves to : • Promote the development of economic and commercial partnerships between member countries; • Spread, disseminate and share the economic potential of member countries; • Make a tangible contribution to the development of exchanges and investments linked to trade between member countries; • Market products and services of Member countries; • Ease direct contact between economic agents of member countries; • Develop partnerships between economic agents of member countries; • Foster economic integration between member countries on strategic and quality products and services; • Work towards the organization of exhibitions and B2B meetings as a marketing tool between business circles of member countries

  • Promote the development of economic and commercial partnerships between member countries;
  • Spread, disseminate and share the economic potential of member countries
  • Make a tangible contribution to the development of exchanges and investments linked to trade between member countries
  • Market products and services of member countries
  • Ease direct contact between economic agents of member countries
  • Develop partnerships between economic agents of member countries
  • Foster economic integration between member countries on strategic and quality products and services
  • Work towards the organization of exhibitions and B2B meetings as a marketing tool between business circles of member countries.
Ministries concerned of OIC Members

  • Trade Ministries
  • Industry Ministries
  • Agriculture Ministries
  • Tourism and Handicraft Ministries
  • Infrastructure and Transportation Ministries
  • Ministries of higher education

National agencies :

  • Investment promotion agencies of OIC members
  • Trade and export promotion agencies of OIC members
  • Chambers for Trade, Industry and Agriculture of OIC members
  • Tourism and travel agencies and tour operators bodies and flight companies
  • Certification bodies
  • Federations of Employers and other associations

Public and private economic operators from OIC countries

  • Financial and Insurance institutions
  • Handicrafts companies: cosmetics, decoration, leather, clothing, pottery, tiles…
  • Textile companies : clothing, linens, furnishings, bedding, packaging
  • Leather companies: shoes, bags, belts…
  • Information Technology companies
  • Local products
  • Retailers and distributors…
  • Food industry
  • Hygiene and wellness care
  • Building materials and electricity
  • Transport and logistics companies


  • Host country and Guests of Honor Countries’ authorities
  • Representatives of institutional bodies of member countries
  • Sectorial decision makers: food industry, textile, leather, agro, engineering and services sectors
  • Industrials
  • Tourism decision-makers and professionals
  • Managers of retail companies
  • Craftsmen
  • Organizations of non-member countries having observer status in the OIC
  • Other professionals from economic sectors of non-member countries after consultation with organizers (ICDT and TDAP)
  • The Islamic Countries Trade Fair is one of the major annual events organized by the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade (ICDT) for trade promotion and cooperation between the 57 member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). It is a platform for exchanges between professionals in the business community who share common values in terms of cooperation and development in accordance with the ethics, values and principles enacted by Islam in terms of the exchange of goods and services.
  • The 18th edition of the Fair, which promises to be grandiose in Pakistan steeped in history and point of intersection of trade between Asia and the rest of the OIC Member States, will welcome the presence of many renowned personalities from the business world from both the public and private areas.
Conditions of Participation

This Fair is open to the 57 Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), to OIC institutions, and to the various economic, public and private operators in Islamic countries. Can also take part in this Fair, States as observers within the OIC (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Central African Republic, Kingdom of Thailand, Russian Federation, Turkish State of Northern Cyprus), economic operators in Islamic communities from non-member countries.


The registration form/exhibitor form is available at https://icdt-tradevents.org/en/18thtfoic/ https://icdt-tradevents.org/en/18thtfoic/ 



  • Several measures have been taken by the organizers to ensure the exhibition’s success. The request forms for the reservation of stands, registration in the catalogue and/or other services must be returned, duly completed and stamped, to the ICDT on the given address and links of the registration form
  • All International Exhibitors from OIC member states will apply to the ICDT on the prescribed Application Form along with Participation Fee ( To be deposited in ICDT Account whose details are already available in the Application Form) for reservation of stands. ICDT will remit the Participation Fee of International Exhibitors to TDAP.



ICDT will be making the Final Selection of Exhibitors from the Applications received. allocate stands (as per layout) and share the same with TDAP for Execution. A list of Selected Exhibitors along with their Catalogue Entry Details and Allocation of Stands will be shared by ICDT with TDAP.



The two organizers will provide facilitation and incentives to participants exhibitors particularly OIC LDCs in collaboration with the private companies to ensure the success of the organization of the aforesaid Fair

The complimentary facilities offered by TDAP to all participants shall include following

  • Pick and drop to airport
  • Shuttle service to and forth between venue and designated hotels
  • Subsidized/special rates of designated hotels
  • Designated Freight Forwarding agents
  • Facilitation desk for Currency exchange of local sales proceeds
  • Facilitation for Custom Clearance of exhibits shipped for the Event
  • Free exhibitor passes and exhibitors catalogues
  • Free passes to Inaugural Dinner along with transport facility
  • Access to local business community through specially designed meetings
  • Local media coverage
  • Free provision of first aid services and emergency services on the venue and designated hotels
  • Free entry for Sideline/ Cultural and Informative events during the days of exhibition

A steering committee decided the organization of the following sidelines events according to the existing local logistics capacities:

  • Pakistan -Africa Business Forum;
  • Policy Dialogue Forum of IPAs of Asian and African OIC Countries;
  • Training workshop on Halal Certification and presentation of OIC Halal Economy report in collaboration with the Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC);
  • Gastronomy Festival by the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and. Development (ICCD);
  • B2B meetings;
  • Awards ceremony for the best pavilions.

Set-up, Tear-down & Exhibition Schedule

Handing over the space to the exhibitors for Raw Space 26 November 2024 10:00 AM
Handing over the space to the exhibitors for Shell Stall 28 November 2024 03:00 PM
Closing of Cargo Ramp 28 November 2024 09:00PM
Hall to be vacated for cleaning and security clearance 28 November 2024 10:00PM
Hall to be opened for exhibitors only 29 Nov-1 Dec 2024 09:00AM
Hall to be opened for visitors for exhibition 30 Nov-1 Dec 2024 03.00 PM
Hall to be closed for visitors 29 Nov-1 Dec 2024 10:00 PM
Hall to be closed for exhibitors 29 Nov-1 Dec 2024 10:00 PM


Tear down commences 1st December 24 10:15PM
Clearance of walkways 1st December 24 10.00PM
Opening of Cargo Ramp 1st December 24 10:30PM
Tear down completed 2 December 2024 06:00PM
Venue handing over to ECL 2 December 2024 06:00PM



Following terms and conditions must be followed and prior special permission must be seeked from the organisers incase of any exceptions needed. In case of non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions, Organizers reserve the right to modify stall layout during or after erection at the cost of the Exhibitor

  • Recognizing the importance of direct sales as an incentive to attract more participants, both parties agreed that the exhibitors will benefit from the possibility of direct selling on the 2nd and 3rd Day of the fair subject to paying the duties and taxes relating thereto, in accordance with the regulations in force in Pakistan
  • Size and accessoires of Shell schème shall be handed over to exhibitors as per booking form.
  • Height of the bare space stalls shall not exceed 2.4 meters at the edge. In case it is higher, it may be taken up to a maximum of 4.5 m beyond 1 m from the edge inside the booked space. Fabricators for raw space exhibitors must only be designated vendor registered with TDAP. Details of the registered vendor shall be shared on request
  • Each stand could be manned by 1-3 authorised representative of the exhibitors
  • All hall opening and closing timings shall be shared by organisers during the days of the event too which shall be binding on all exhibitors to follow.
  • Exhibitors shall be liable for all losses, damages & costs resulting from failure to follow instructions in the exhibitor’s manual.
  • Exhibitors shall be responsible for the removal of all packaging waste and rubbish materials resulting from set up or dismantling from the Exhibition Hall.
  • No storage facilities shall be provided for packaging cases, surplus materials or other belongings of the Exhibitor
  • All containers, packing items and any item or article not for display must be removed from the Exhibition Hall before the day of opening.
  • No pressurized container shall be used in the Exhibition Hall without the prior written approval of the Organizers
  • Moving in & out of the Exhibition Hall, all goods must be moved by rubber-tired trolleys over protective boarding, safeguarding the hall floors.
  • Large and heavy goods that cannot be hand-carried by the Exhibitors can only be taken in/out through the cargo gates of the halls and not through the main entrance doors of the Expo Center Congress Hall by cargo rollers only.
  • The Exhibitor shall strictly follow the Schedule for moving its exhibits and other articles into/out of its stalls/Booth as per the Exhibitor Manual.
  • All exhibits/component materials shall be removed soon after the closure of the Exhibition and accomplished maximum within 24 hours, materials left behind shall be deemed forsaken
  • Exhibits should be brought into the Exhibition Halls only when the stalls are completed in all respects to occupy and the same is being conveyed by the organisers.
  • The Exhibitor must arrange for an Authorised Représentative to be present at its stall to receive the Exhibits as the organizers shall not accept delivery on behalf of the Exhibitor nor can the organizers be held responsible for the subsequent safe custody of such items.
  • Machines or similar heavy Exhibits MUST BE IN POSITION on the very first day of the stall set-up period to allow sufficient time for their installation/ operation for demonstration.

  • Exhibitors must keep their Exhibits at their stalls for display throughout the period of the Exhibition. Exhibitors shall not be allowed to remove their Exhibits from their stalls before the official closing of the Exhibition.
  • Re-stocking/maintenance of Exhibits at the stalls shall be allowed after the Exhibition hours
  • The Exhibitors must notify the Hall Managers at least 2 hours before the Exhibition closes for the day to facilitate re-stocking/maintenance of Exhibits

  • The exhibitor badges and car stickers will be available at the reception area of Expo Center, Lahore (Hall 2) from 09 :00 am – 06 :00 pm on 28th November 2024.
  • The exhibitor may collect these by themselves or send an authorized representative before the cut-off time.

  • The exhibitor badges and car stickers will be available at the reception area of Expo Center, Lahore (Hall 2) from 09 :00 am – 06 :00 pm
  • The exhibitor may collect these by themselves or send an authorized representative before the cut-off time.

  • The exhibitor shall respect all the clauses of these regulations which are strictly enforceable and cannot be considered as simply comminatory.
  • The Exhibition Organizers decline all responsibility for the behaviour of the staff employed by exhibitors.
  • The Exhibition Organizers are entitled to expel any undesirable person and, in general, to take any necessary measure to preserve the smooth running and good reputation of the Exhibition, including the filing of a complaint for damages or any legal action.

  • It is strictly forbidden to put highly inflammable products, weapons and narcotics in the stands. The use of music devices for advertising is also prohibited on the stands and may lead to the seizure of the equipment.
  • In this regard, the organizers plan to provide the exhibitors who so wish, with an animation podium as well as visibility spaces on a payable basis.
  • The transfer or subletting of all or part of the stand or location is prohibited.
  • Nevertheless, certain prohibitions must be observed, under penalty of immediate exclusion from the Exhibition without notice, namely:
    • Distribute samples or circulars outside the stands;
    • Carry out, in order to attract the customer, any noisy demonstration or other, in any way or any advertising likely to disturb the occupants of neighboring stands and visitors;
    • Place visible objects outside the stand;
    • Damage, in any way whatsoever, the equipment made available to them. In addition, exhibitors are strictly prohibited from leaving staff in the stands outside the opening hours of the Exhibition, with the exception of guards provided by approved companies.
    • Prohibited Goods as per Government of Pakistan Rules along with Gold and its Jewelry, Precious Stones and its Jewelry will not be allowed for import and display
  • In addition, exhibitors are strictly prohibited from leaving staff in the stands outside the opening hours of the Fair
  • Exhibitors shall close their stands at the end of the day and TDAP/EMC shall not be liable in case of loss/damage.
  • The Security guards shall be for over all venue Security not for individual stands)

By signing the application to participate in the Fair which will be organized from 29 November to 1 December 2024, each exhibitor adheres to the insurance policies of the venue management and event organizer covering civil liability and fire. Theft is not covered by insurance. In case of a claim, exhibitors cannot claim any compensation from TDAP beyond what is granted by the expo center Lahore.

Each exhibitor can get insurance coverage of the exhibits from the insurance agents of their freight forwarders failing any liability on TDAP.


TDAP Administration is responsible for the security and maintenance of the exhibition premises during the Exhibition period.

In this regard, it declines all responsibility for specific assignments entrusted to other individuals. In order to avoid commercial espionage, the Exhibition administration gives full freedom to each exhibitor to protect himself legally and under his sole responsibility against those who would like to photograph the stands, pavilions or locations and to use the pictures in their flyers and advertising brochures.


In case of a dispute, only the Pakistani courts will be competent to judge. No derogation will be accepted from this jurisdiction clause. Certificates of participation, signed by the Director General of TDAP, will also be given to all exhibitors.


Foreign participants and visitors to the Fair, where applicable, upon entry into Pakistan are required to file their visa application

Pakistan has an online visa system in place now. Nationals of all OIC Member States can apply for Visas through the portal which can be accessed at

https://visa.nadra.gov.pk/ .

The application guide is available on the same website:

(https://visa.nadra.gov.pk/how-to-applied) .

The website also specifies the timeline required for processing visa cases, along with all other requisite information. Please note that visas of Bengali, and Afghani nationals are subject to clearance from the Ministry of Interior which is not time bound and can take more than a month. The participants of the Trade fair are advised to apply under the following categories:

  1. Diplomatic / Official Passports Holder
  2. Main Category: Official
  3. Sub-Category: Development Agencies Individual/Family


  1. Ordinary Passport Holder under “Others”

This information can be accessed online as well on the following links:

(i) .  https://visa.nadra.gov.Dk/

(ii).     https://visa.nadra.gov.pk/official-visas/

(iii).        https://visa.nadra.gov.pk/diplomatic-visa/

(iv).    https://visa.nadra.gov.pk/other-visa

Please note that the visa applicants would require a visa facilitation/invitation letter from the host (Ministry of Commerce) to be uploaded along with the application.

In case of any unexpected delay in visa issuance against the timelines mentioned on the website. Ministry of Commerce/TDAP will facilitate to share of copies of the Passport of the applicant along with the Tracking Number of the visa application directly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan.


The exhibited goods can be transported to the Exhibition site by all means (land – sea – air) except by post. The goods are sent in one go with packing lists for each package, within a period of 3 days before the exhibition through designated freight forwarders only by paying stipulated rates by the exhibitors directly to the freight forwarders. The same forwarder shall be liable to provide services for cargo handling, custom clearance, transportation and warehousing on-site and insurance of the exhibits.

All foreign goods that will be exhibited must strictly comply with the Exhibition customs rules. They can only be brought into the Fair by freight forwarders accredited by the Administration of the TDAP with the customs services, to facilitate admission and guarantee the rights relating to imported products. The exit of the goods is subject to the visas of the Customs of the General management of the TDAP and of the approved freight forwarder. Exit visas will only be given after payment for the services requested and performed. To facilitate customs clearance operations, it is planned to open a Customs facilitation office on the Exhibition site. For any additional information on customs formalities, exhibitors shall contact custom facilitation desk allocated by TDAP.

Please note that no shipment/post/exhibits shall be received directly by TDAP. Custom clearance of all/any exhibits being brought as personal baggage will be the responsibility of the exhibitor themselves.


The Following designated freight forwarders will offer market competitive rates. However in case of use of any other forwarding agent, the organiser/TDAP shall not be a party in case of any dispute.

Sr/no Name of freight forwarder Name of persons Contact Numbers
1 National Logistics Company(NLC) Col.Tahir Mehmood(General Manager) 042-99232675
2 DHL Mr.Mohammad Imran(Gateway Manager) 0300 2025278
3 M/S Raziq International Syed Rehman Rizvi(Chief Executive) 0333-4953999



The Prohibited list to be imported/sold in Pakistan is appended as annexe 1 of this manual wherein following appendices are useful for International Exhibitors.

Annexe-A : Goods specified in this appendix are banned for import including goods of Indian or Israeli origin or imported from India or Israel, counterfeit products and import of all rough diamonds from Cote d’ivoire

Appendice B : Goods specified in this appendix shall be importable subject to the conditions laid down in the Import Policy Order 2022.

Appendice C : Goods specified in this appendix are banned for import in secondhand or used conditions except those specifically exempted in the Import Policy Order 2022 annexed as qu’ANNEXE 1 .

Annexure 1 may be accessed at this link:



TDAP shall be providing free shuttle service for following purposes only

  • Pick and drop to the airport to the designated hotels.
  • Shuttle service to and forth between venue and hotels.
  • Shuttle service from hotel to inaugural dinner and other side line approved events.

Exhibitors manual and other useful information shall be made available on the website as well as on arrival to the exhibitors.


A list of designated hotels is shared as follows, same is being uploaded on the website



Online Registration Form

13 + 5 =

For more information or reservation, kindly contact:

Mr. Hasnain Haider Langah

Director / Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP)

Tel: +92-61-9330863
Mobile: +92 300 6320659
Email: hasnain.langah@tdap.gov.pk
Website: www.tdap.gov.pk

Mr. Alami Abdelaziz

Head of Marketing and trade promotion Department / ICDT

Tel: +212 522 314 974
Fax: +212 522 310 110
Mob: +212 662 153 747
Email: a.alami@icdt-oic.org ; icdt@icdt-oic.org
Website: www.icdt-oic.org

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