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10th Exhibition of Halal Products of the OIC Member States

In compliance with the resolutions adopted by the 39th Ministerial Session of the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC) held in December 2023 in Istanbul, Republic of Türkiye, the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade (ICDT) and Tunis International Fairs Company organize under the patronage of the Ministry of Trade and Export Development of the Republic of Tunisia, the 10th Exhibition of Halal Products of the OIC Member States, from 8th -12th October 2024 at the Kram Exhibition Centre in Tunis.

This Exhibition which is dedicated to Halal trade, Halal standards and Halal production and logistics, is an excellent opportunity for the actors of the Halal industry to promote their products and services and to develop trade and investment in this important sector.

Details of this Exhibition are available at the following link: www.bahrainhalalexpo.com www.halalexpo-tunisia.com.tn


Useful Information

  • Denomination 10th Exhibition of Halal Products of the OIC Member States

    Islamic Centre for Development of Trade (ICDT)

    Tunis International Fairs Society

    Date and Place  October, 8 to 10, Kram Exhibition Center in Tunis –Republic of Tunisia
    Stand prices per square meter

    Equipped (USD): 180 US$ excluding taxes.

    Not equipped (USD): 150US $ excluding taxes.

    (19% VAT extra)

    Sideline activities

    • Panel on Cooperation among Arab OIC Countries on Halal Certification. de l’OCI sur la certification Halal.

    • Presentation of the annual report on the Halal economy within the OIC space.

    • Buyers – Sellers Meeting

    • Visit to local businesses operating in the Halal sector.






    Islamic Centre for Development of Trade (ICDT)

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    E-mail :  icdt@icdt-oic.org

    Web site: www.icdt-oic.org/

    Tunis International Fairs Society

    Exhibition Center and International Trade Center, BP N°1 – 2015 Le Kram – Tunis – TUNISIA, Tel: 0021671973111 / 0021671976111 – Fax: 0021671971666 E-mail: arbi.mrabet@fkram.com.tn; itf.com@fkram.com.tn

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